Q: Why should I bring my vehicle to Bryans Auto Body for collision repairs?
A: We are a modern fully equipped collision repair facility, with extensive I-Car and ASE (Master Certified) training, that has been in business since 1977. We have built the business by meeting and exceeding customer expectations and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Q: Should I wait for my insurance company to look at my car before bringing it in for you to estimate?
A: You can, but it is usually better if we look at it first and give you an estimate so that damages don’t get over looked.

Q: Is there a charge for doing an estimate?
A: No. We will give you an itemized estimate at no charge. We do ask that you call ahead for an appointment but we will do our best to accommodate walk in customers.

Q: What if more accident related damages are found after repairs have begun?
A: The Insurance Company is notified and they either come out and look at it, or more commonly they have us e mail them photos and they will cover it. This is called a supplement and is paid directly to the shop, so that you don’t have to pay it.

Q: Can I take my vehicle where I want to have it repaired?
A: Yes. As the owner of the vehicle you have the right to choose where your vehicle is repaired. There are some insurance companies that will try to send you to the shop they want it repaired at, which might be several towns away and some we have seen have had very poor quality workmanship. All you need to do is tell the insurance company that you want it repaired at Bryans Auto Body. Please call us if you have any questions, some insurance companies are very persuasive in making it sound like you don’t have a choice.

Q: Do I have to get more than one estimate?
A: No. The laws in the state of Maine allow you to choose the repair facility you want, and then the Insurance Company and the repair facility will come to an agreed price to repair your vehicle.

Q: Are loaner/ rental cars available?
A: Yes. We can provide both.

Q: Do you offer towing?
A: Yes. We tow 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If the towing is because of an accident your insurance covers the cost.

Q: What if my car is a total loss.
A: There are several options to consider if your vehicle is a total Loss. We can help guide you through your options.

Q: How long will it take to repair my vehicle?
A: Because every situation is different, there is no standard time period for repairs. The amount of time is dependent on the extent of the damages, the parts availability, and the speediness of your insurance company. We do everything we can to get the repairs done in a timely manner while not compromising quality.