About Us

Bryan’s Auto Body was established in 1977 by Bryan and his then girlfriend, now wife Francine, (she did such a good job that I married her in 1978.) We started with a two bay garage that we built but only had one overhead door because we could not afford the second one. Since then we have expanded 3 times and currently have 5 working bays and 1 downdraft spray booth. . Through much hard work and determination we were able to get established as a full service collision repair facility that is still going strong thirty five plus years later.

We currently have 5 full time employees and one part time. Our oldest son David has grown up around the body shop and has had extensive training and is one of our top notch technicians. He now holds the position of shop foreman.

Our towing service also started out on a shoe string budget around 1983. Our first wrecker was an old International truck that had a very bent frame and a blown rear axle. We bought an old wrecker body that was headed for the junk yard to add to it to make a wrecker. Through hours and hours of straightening, welding and painting we put the two together and came up with our first wrecker. We now have two modern trucks, one Chevy wrecker and one Kenworth car carrier.

We are very thankful for the awesome customer base that we have and are always looking for new customers.

Thank You